Saturday, March 7, 2009

Wool it be

Wool it be is Oliwia Drozd a Belgium located designer.
A "creative mind" at work.

Her work in felt has an organic simplicity of that which is made by hand yet posseses a quality of design which usually handmade objects and craft lack.

The tactile qualities of the wool are mostly enhanced yet domesticated and loosely and briefly set free a little here and a little there.

The furry and animal hair is colorful and playful as the colors are strikingly strong. The designs are interesting as they are not cold, precise or sleek but organic yet thoughtful and mostly fun.

The things she makes feel, which is what makes them appealing, They feel carefully designed, incorporating chance, improvisation and the craft of a skilled felter willing to experiment.

From hats, and hats with scarves, scarves, to skirts and necklaces and bags of intestine like threads, to vests, to full costumes and dresses to wool selling for roving this all makes wool it be.

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