Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Helene Picard

On paintings and costumes that is the work of Helene Picard. Her strokes seem to be those of the fabrics which themselves contrast highly for their statical apparition when not worn, when hanging there empty of their characters and live elements. Her connection with one and the other seems to be that of movement, when stroke is blurred the fabric, the costume, the dress is there hiding behind in speed.
The felt costumes are those characters of a tale maybe from her exhibition "Hybrid Beings" , "Costume for a coleopterous", "Costume for a horse" and modular Costume. As empty skins and motion as background; one has to become the missing element or wondering where is it a coleopterous that big that fits the suit.
Empty skins of a bestiary, how wonderful and they all fit your size.

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