Saturday, March 7, 2009

LAMA Stuido / Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel

LAMA studio, a design company that develops and produces textiles for use in architecture and interiors. Design develops through experimentation and research on how cellular structures are constructed. Textiles as surfaces to experiment the three dimensionality of a plane. As cellular structures to cover entire floors and ceilings the scale changes completely when one thinks of the real structure in which it was inspired giving us an insight into what it is that can be found beyond our human reach and into a smaller one, that of the cellular or molecular. Inspiration on nature through science ends up bringing how we are made up at a bigger scale while challenging our notions of how fabrics and textiles should be constructed and what materials they are made of that may have some different use in the industry: industrial wool felt and mono filament are the two main contributions used for interiors by LAMA studio.

Cell rugs is the most succesful product of Lama Studio currently used in corporative environments, public, residential and the exclusive Airbus A350. The Cell rugs are made of industrial wool felt stirps. The rug can can be order to lite up LED lights and/or swavrozky reflective stones. Integrating textiles and LED technology, the patterns no longer have amere aesthetic use but accentuate paths and flows of circulation of walking transients in any imaginable fashion as LED technology could be computer controlled to light different or several paths. Lighted wooled surfaces fabricated by making the most of the industrial wool felt density and thickness, by gluing together strips of different widths and colors creating beautiful patterns. The heirachy of a weaved textile is over turned no longer axis x and y but all strips are in the same axis allowing the rug to be rolled and be custom sized without ever breaking the pattern.

Holoskin is a three layered knitted fabric. Black monofilament layers on the front and back layer, with white monofilament in the middle. The effect, well have a look at the images it is hard to tell and would love to see it and touch it. Hardly used for a soft environment or anything that appeals the touch. But monofilament is a wonderful material which allows light through with some like a spider web. Wonder how it looks and feels. As a product it is very interesting as fishing line or mono filament is hard to weave and slippery, plus transparent.

LAMA studio latest fabric is called FUrore. Industrial wool felt is cut in a honey comb pattern. It has fur on one side creating a flexible, furry textile. The lambs are on desguise wearing synthetic fur. Wicked how the industrial look gets changed in a snap.

LAMA studio, serious design taken to real and professional dimension.
Yvonne Laurysen and Erik Mantel are LAMA studio.

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