Thursday, March 19, 2009

European Felt Festival

European Felt Festival
Town centre of Felletin
May 1st - 4th, 2009

The year 2009 has been declared «the International Year for Natural Fibres » by O.N.U, and the first Felt Festival will be held in Felletin, Creuse (France), from may 1st to may 4th 2009.

A real craze through Western Europe already, this will be the fisrt ever event of the kind in France. Born from cooperation between women felt-makers and the wool industry support committee, it will be the second wool event organized in Felletin. A local group of crafts designers are taking part in the development of the wool industry ans its skills, which involves felting quite naturally.

The felt festival wishes introduce the public to a large range of felt products and to its different uses in textile, art or industrial productions. Due to its varied and easy uses, felt is becoming very popular in creative leisure activities.

The professionnal side of this felt festival will be centred on training sessions and exhanges with other european networks of felt-makers.

“Felt in the House” Challenge (truncated)

Conditions of participation, Techniques and Theme: The challenge is open anyone: Feltmakers, Artists, Craftpeople, Designers using wool felt in their creations. Exhibitor will be selected for the quality of their work. All techniques are accepted. Every exhibitor can present a maximum of 2 works.

The theme of the challenge is: "Felt in the house, felt in all the rooms."
The exhibition will explore the varied use of felt in the house: Decoration, Design, Architecture, Home furnishing ...

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