Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hard Graft

Austrian based, previously called Class Working Heroes who started the business selling at Etsy.

The former site is all about the image that probably evolved from their previous name, hard working, hard graft which according to their website means hard manual labour; not far from Working
Class Heroes and all products are designed to protect and carry all your technological gadgets. Hard labour protecting your working tools? Working class not elite but for the common mortals, not classy design, or trendy just working class and paying in euros.

Printing presses it seems, appear all over the web site, as felt is originally used in etching and printing. But the process in which the brand name is emmbedded into leather is somehow similar. The brand name is never lost and always present embeded in leather details always somewhere in each piece.

The details and quality looks superb in the images and as advertised the felt they use is imported from Germany, one of the places that holds one of the best qualities of felt, leather comes from Italy and also Germany. It seems though its market maybe in America, but this affirmation is uncertain as all prices are in euros which makes them a bit expensive.

The designs are very clean, simple and repetitive. Their use of materials is very sober and the designs are only slight variations of themselves making available any a size to fit any mac´s gadgets from laptops to ipods including i phone.

In their message they sell high quality and their message is strong, there is no big secret or big idea. Their motto is "you lose what you don´t hold" whether it means hard work or not am not sure.

Their answer to this relies in the simplicity of a fold as the answer to all and how to repeat that with grace over and over again while making you believe in the labour of repetition. The question is who's labour are we looking at? And where and who are the hands that craft? Handmade, suddenly the word itself is arouses unknown suspicion. German hand labour it says.

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