Saturday, February 21, 2009

Claudia Schulz Hats

Felt has been used forever to make hats, as it can be molded and shaped by using moisture, heat and pressure; nothing new in the horizon.

The mad hatter we see, we would like a little madder, a little bolder.

Black Clutch Bag & Hat stands out from the rest of the work, maybe so as it is a bag and not a hat and an interesting piece that makes the most of the material and also can be used as a hat.

Schulz inspiration was taken from the 20´s she states, the designs get overcrowded with ornaments and buttons, yet the formula remains mostly unchanged (except in Robin and Black Clutch Bag & Hat)

The shape is beautiful and its the most simple one, for Schulz
it is the contour or profile of the pieces where the hatter tries to make the difference. Though not completeley sure that is enough.

The connection with the material and the historical connection is unknown. Is it just a matter of shape and form? then our answers are incomplete and our project a mere formal exercise.

The Robyn hat an interesting piece yet conventional, the craft is all but fine but the details could improve the quality of the whole.

As for the reference well Robin Hood is a legend that can be found as early as the 15th or 16th century so bit to early for the 20´s; unless its Douglas Fairbanks, in which case why not D├írtagnan.

Images work even if the design or the concept is not that strong. Attitude is there. And well, one needs attitude in order to wear a hat.

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  1. The hats are beautiful, this glimpse (in the blog) is better than looking at the whole website where the hats seem repetitive and sort of the same. The 20´s reference seems just a justifying tool for validation. Do not buy it.
    A part from that great potential if rid of cheap buttons and ornaments. Meet well made with quality details, there you go. Easy said !