Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angelika Klose Hats

Angelika´s hats are constructed from flat materials a difference from those formed in the traditional way of hat making.

Her range of materials is varied from fabrics, ribbons or cords made from cotton, silk, wool, sinamay, plastic, fake fur and woven steel thread.

Experimentation with the materials, as well as skill and respect for the craft make her work have a unique quality. Her designs and solutions are multiple, beautiful and very honest; letting the material speak for itself.

From the small quantities to the one off a kind pieces. Klose´s hats are simple, yet the designs are smart, intuitive and without excess.

Each hat embodies an untold story; it unfolds, maybe in imaginary tales.

Angelika Klose, was born in Germany, works in the UK and has been making costumes for the last five years for the Shakespear Festival at the Rosenburg Castle in Austria.

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  1. simple, so simple and yet so interesting. Very respectful work the fabric looks honored, that is beautiful.