Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Carga Bags

Mauro Biancci founder and designer launched Carga Bags two years ago. His new designs are out and already being blogged all over.

Biancci designs are aimed at men he states; by underlying a method of assembly instead of stitching or sewing which is usually the case with handbags, bags, briefcases or workbags. Implying that his designs are gendered, these sexists bags are fabricated and assembled with aluminium pop rivets, details in leather and hardware fixtures all available at a leather workshop. Where maybe the process of design might have started.

The designs are clean and the details very well taken care, they look strong and sturdy; all bags are serial numbered making awareness of their craft mode of production: in small quantities and in a local argentinian leather workshop.

Industrial wool felt and leather are treated equally in the design, of course each material responds to its own inherent qualities but leather fails to form structure as is the case with the industrial wool felt. It is all about the thickness.

The price range seems high as probably what one is being charged with is the design or the sexism?

Smart and carefully crafted not only in the result but all the way from the argentinian proud stating that for Biancci "a good design needs no explanation". Which leaves us wondering as to why state a design as male gendered if this needs no explanation at all.

The new bags look improved and yes, to me they look somehow a bit more femenine. Of course this might just be a mere coincidence.

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