Monday, October 19, 2009


Felted balls of wool make wonderful wall installations, rugs and textile structures.

Wool in its many outcomes; as industrial wool felt makes for structure and the felted wool balls are sewn to it in various ways.

Both's company statement is following the images from which you can see the production challenges of their creative enterprise met fully.

‘Both Textiles’ is a creative design partnership between Ruth Waller & Lee Hewett; their principle aim is to develop work that explores the use of the textural and structural potential of interior textile surfaces, producing bespoke artworks, products and installations that encourage tactile interaction.

All their work uses a mixture of materials such as handmade felt, industrial felt, sprung steel and wood to produce complex, beautifully tactile and richly textured surface structures.

‘Both Textiles’ currently produce a diverse range of work including wall installations, constructed felt rugs, cushions. The majority of their work is produced for use by interior designers, architects as well as supplying retail outlets, galleries and private clients.

All their work is individually created in a studio in Nottinghamshire using range of traditional craft techniques together with computer controlled production processes that like most of our work bridges the gap between past traditions and new technological developments.

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