Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Banff Center - Nadia Pacheco - HILANDO

Blurred boundaries as where the weave ends, begins or is constructed, a frozen moment of the construction of the weave; almost invisible, almost not there, dissappearing and appearing as one moves through out the room. What one finally grasps is retained as memory in the retina appearing outside the room as one leaves the installation room.
The room all white and through out the lines almost visible almost invisible. As you walk they appear and disappear. The lines come out as if the entire room was the loom. And the action that of weaving was in the process of, yet not here. Like frozen in time and vanishing.  To look at the piece was almost impossible, was the room weaving and caught in action. Or was it time vanishing, evaporating and just leaving behind a vanishing memory that we carry outside the room as an imprint that last just a few moments to carry the piece away with us.The invisibility of the piece is interesting and how memory can be carried farther only to dissappear once more, and how a trace can be traced in our bodies as a reaction of our own internal responses and how our bodies try to adapt to ever changing conditions. What was there to see makes a very interesting question if there was hardly anything to see. Maybe the attempt to see makes the piece and not the piece itself.

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