Friday, December 17, 2010

Joseph Beuys (Part 5/7)

Joseph Beuys

People asks me what does it mean?
I can only say It means nothing, at least it means nothing in your understanding of meaning because art is not there to be understood. Art is the thing where you have to identify yourself because art contains elements of creativity which also exist in your being, all the use of the senses


  1. I thought of you the last few days as I read
    Steve Martin's excellent new book, "An Object of Beauty".
    In it, he references a Joseph Beuys felt suit in a collector anecdote.
    Here's a link to the book review:
    Happy holidays and a joy-filled 2011 to you and yours!!

  2. : )
    looked up the anecdote - how funny i guess that is what a suit is for, if not for wearing it -ja !!

    thanks for the nyt review and your comments !!

    Best to you too and yours... happy christmas and happy new 2011 let there be great interesting things to work on : ) yayyyyyyy !!!