Sunday, October 3, 2010

Andreas Gefeller; The Japan Works

The Japan Series are as interesting as the urban textiles under which we live every day and under which we travel. The urban has a textile scale which it can not be overlooked in this images. It is made present by switching its horizon from above to infront, the scale is also confronting as is one has never before seen such a thing, being that it is there always.

Textiles and photography and not related but a reading of it.

The artistic work of Andreas Gefeller comprises the series »Halbwertszeiten« (1996), »Soma« (2000), »Supervisions« (begun in 2002) and »The Japan Series« (2010).
The Japan Series was photographed in the context of »European Eyes on Japan« in the prefecture Tottori. In the series Supervisions, Gefeller employs a technically elaborate method to scan the surfaces of urban sites. By means of long-term exposure, the Duesseldorf based photo artist has captured a world of starkly utopian quality in Soma. Halbwertszeiten throws an intense light on people and landscapes in the near surroundings of Tschernobyl − 10 years after the nuclear catastr

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